Behind every successful customer engagement product there has been one right decision.

Hiring the right team to
get the job done

Companies partner up with DEVersity to help them build customer engagement products

✔️ with a positive PNL statement,
✔️ that make the user go “OMG,  this is so ME!”,
✔️ and are within the budget. 

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B2B2X or B2C? Doesn’t matter. 
We focus on the customer. The PNL shows we deliver.

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Business win: Positive PNL in < 1 year

  • Product: Loyalty App
  • Used by 20% of TAM
  • 6% of TAM are daily active users
  • 20% increase in average basket value

Pet Tech

Business win: 2nd most popular loyalty app in the US market

  • Product: Loyalty App
  • 40% are daily active users
  • 30% retention rate of customers
  • ROI on personalized targeting 7100%

Why are your products not yielding these results?

Top 4 reasons our clients state:

Lack of in-depth domain knowledge about building customer engagement products. 

Lack of (resources to hire and nurture) an in-house team. 

Office politics complicating in-house execution. 


80% of all customer engagement products are overengineered and undeserving of the customers.


Crucial gamechangers since 2020

Tech bubble bursting


Money printer OFF

Getting to the next investment round requires tangible results.

AI disrupting existing business models

Customer loyalty is a pillar for business stability.

Rapid digitalization

Tech is becoming an embedded part of Industry 2.0 businesses.

It’s time for strategic investments in customer engagement.


Budget savvy

Investment conscious

DEVersity ticks all of your risk-assessment boxes,converting engagement to profit. 

We can go on and on.

But an endless scroll is bad for customer engagement. :)